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Enterprise platform to engage your customers

GMC Inspire is an award-winning customer engagement platform proven to help businesses profit from multichannel communications. GMC Inspire transforms and adds value to every marketing, transactional or operational communication that reaches your customer, significantly impacting bottom and top line growth.

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is the method of choice to uncover customer needs for projects and products (“Voice of the Customer”) and identify the transfer function that maps solution characteristics (“Voice of jhe Engineer”) onto customer needs.

The German QFD Institute is the leading industry association for QFD in Europe.

“For many years the lack of readily available benchmark data blinded software developers and managers to the real economics of software. Now that ISBSG is making data on thousands of projects available to the software industry, it is becoming possible to make solid business decisions about software development practices and their results in terms of productivity and quality, ISBSG data is a valuable asset for the software industry and for all companies that produce software.” – Capers Jones

The Swiss Competence Centre for Security (SwissCCS) is the SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for all security and safety matters. It’s the melting pot of a substantial group of Swiss SME’s each with unique niche products.
Swissness = Partnership, neutrality, independence, quality and best practice!