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Early Project Estimations


Project estimation is a difficult task. It requires predicting the future, and this is much more difficult than explaining the past. ICT has become essential for all but very few organizations, and new software must be created at an amazing pace. Thus, getting reliable predictions what software will cost at the end is mission-critical. Now it has become possible to predict how much such requests must be expected in an ICT project, be it software development or operations.

It takes five steps:

  • Voice of the Customer – understanding the priorities of business drivers for the customer
  • Work breakdown based on functional size measurement – with COSMIC or IFPUG
  • Risk Assessment, identification of risk mitigation efforts and adding risk contingency to the budget
  • Quality Planning, adding the work needed to meet business needs, the upper part of the matrix
  • Test Planning and balancing quality expectations within available budget

Euro Project Office has distribution agreements with Galorath, Inc. and offers the SEER Project Management Tools: