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Using Six Sigma Transfer Function for Analysing Customer's Voice [873 KB] ( Slides [5'615 KB] )

How Six Sigma professionals can use surveys based on the one-question approach Net Promoter Score (NPS) to better understand customer's voice?
Fourth International Conference on Lean Six Sigma
Glasgow, March 2012
COSMIC Functional Sizing based on UML Sequence Diagrams [844 KB] ( Slides [2'644 KB] )

Agile Teams use UML sequence diagramming to communicate their designs with customers and sponsors. It is tempting to count functional size directly from UML sequence diagrams
MetriKon 2011, Kaiserslautern, 2011
Understanding Business Drivers [590 KB] ( Slides [830 KB] )

Analyzing NPS Surveys for underlying business drivers for success in the market with products and services
EPIC Workshop, Brussels, June 2011
Six Sigma for Agile [150 KB] ( Slides [8'265 KB] )

Agile Development Teams define the Six Sigma Transfer Function for Software Development
Jazoon’11, Zurich,
June, 2011
Six Sigma for Analyzing Market Preferences [219 KB] (Sildes [1'557 KB] )

Transfer Functions can be used to analyze customer’s needs and market preferences using New Lanchester Theory
GI Fachtagung SW Management, 2010, Aachen
Classification for Decision Metrics [304 KB] (Slides [1'629 KB] )

How AHP and QFD relate to Transfer Functions
IWSM, MetriKon, November, 2010
Software Project Estimations [347 KB] ( Slides [2'326 KB] )

Estimating software projects is not a matter of functional sizing only
MetriKon 2009, Kaiserslautern,
November, 2009
Statistical Process Control for Software Development [2'006 KB]

An application of Eigenvector theory to Quality Function Deployment and the Analytic Hierarchical Process
QFD Symposium 2009,
October, 2009
Defect Density Prediction [111 KB] ( Slides [6'955 KB] )

How to predict how many bugs will happen?
6th SMEF 2009, Rome,
May, 2009
Six Sigma in Software Testing [11'201 KB]

This workshop proposes a measurement program for software defect prediction. Packed with the workshop is the material presented at the workshop.
Nordic Test Management & QA Forum, Stockholm,
May, 2008
Uncertainty of Software Requirements [258 KB]

An interesting remark about the statistical character of reqiurement statement
4th SMEF 2007, Rome,
May, 2007
When use Which Sizing Method [299 KB] (Slides [5'830 KB] )

COSMIC or IFPUG? That's not the question!
MetriKon, Potsdam,
November, 2006
SixSigma Revisited [225 KB] (Slides [5'963 KB] )
In reality, QFD is a statistical method for requirements validation.
EuroSpi2, Joensuu,
October, 2006
The Impact of Linear Algebra on QFD

This paper introduces a new method to calculate a QFD matrix. The resulting Convergence Factor is a quality metrics for the underlying cause-effect analysis.
Quality & Reliability Management,
Vol. 22 No.1, 2005